Tuesday, 10 September 2013

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I am Shivji Kumar Jha (shiv), a graduate from BIT Mesra who fell in love with MySQL sometime ago. I am one of those lucky ones who got to work at MySQL as well and I thoroughly enjoy the experience every single day. I believe this is the golden age of technology and I aim to  contribute my bit to it affecting millions of people through an open source software – the most popular open source database on web – MySQL ! At MySQL I am currently working as a software developer with the replication team, which provides high-availability solution built into MySQL server. My area of expertise revolves around analyzing and enhancing performance Database replicas, enhancing the replication monitoring tools. This blog is an attempt to reach out to people and share the tiny details I know about MySQL Replication. The views expressed on this blog are my own and do NOT necessarily reflect the views of Oracle Corporation. 

I do not claim that all information available on this blog is perfectly correct. So, if you find something that is wrongly published, please let me know of the same. Also, in case of doubts please use the comments section of this blog. Together lets talk MySQL Replication :)

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